Taiping – Sustainable City

Taiping, Perak is Dubbed as The Top 3 Sustainable Cities in The World.

Touted as Peninsular Malaysia’s wettest town, Taiping was placed 3rd, behind Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and Vancouver, Canada in the “Best of Cities” category, which awards cities that show leadership in urban sustainability and in avoiding disruptive over-tourism.

The recognition was given during the 2019 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards at the International Tourismus-Börse (ITB) travel trade show in Berlin, Germany.

Taiping also was listed as one of the 100 Sustainable Cities by Green Destinations in December last year.

The list, made available at Green Destination website, is aimed at recognising efforts by authorities in the tourism industry that contribute a sustainable environment.

Green Destinations is a non-profit organisation which focuses on efforts to create sustainable tourism, leading global cooperation between experts, firms and academy institutions in 80 countries.

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