Sungai Tua Eco Forest Park

Sungai Tua Recreational Forest, Selangor


Sungai Tua Eco Forest Park (Taman Eko Rimba Sungai Tua) is a popular recreational forest within the Selangor State Park located about 10km from Bandar Baru Selayang. Located in Hulu Gombak Forest which is a Dipterocarp Hill Forest. Activities and facilities here include camping, picnicking, BBQs and bathing in the clear cool water of natural river pools and rapids amid mature rainforest. The park is popular with locals, especially at weekends. It is managed by the Forestry Department of Selangor.

According to, Sungai Tua Eco Forest Park features rivers, lush forests, and a variety of flora and fauna. This forest is popular with the locals who come to host picnics, bbq, and camp. Visitors should check out the various river pools and ponds for a quick dip! These pools and ponds allow swimming, visitors will be able to see locals lounging on the rocks to relax. Due to the high amounts of water sources in this park, please note that flash flooding may occur. Check out the gazebos or the pavilions for a short break! They are also good places to eat your lunch! Sungai Tua also features a suspension bridge for those who would like to trek across and above the river.

How to Get to Sungai Tua

Turn off Jalan Kuching close to Batu Caves and take highway B23. The road passes the Empangan Batu reservoir along the way. This would be a good place to explore but unfortunately, the reservoir is fenced off to prevent public access. Continue on B23, until you see the sign and archway marked Taman Negeri Selangor (Selangor State Park) which is the entrance to the recreational forest.

The waterfall and stream in our heart

Waterfalls and rivers form a picturesque vista loved by many. From ancient times till today, the rich and noble have been imitating nature by building landscaped gardens with man-made miniature waterfalls and streams in their courtyards so that they can appreciate the mesmerizing beauty of nature on their doorstep. Sungai Tua Eco Forest Park is a natural wonder of luxuriant forest, magnificent waterfalls and pristine river. Shouldn’t it be a priceless heritage accessible to all? So, let’s keep this haven clean and beautiful for generations to come.

Photo credit : Tourism Selangor

Opening Hours

Daily : 8.00am – 5.00pm

Admission Price

Adult : RM2.00
Children : RM1.00

Location Map

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