The untouched rainforest is estimated to be over 130 million years old and is the oldest in the world. Rafflesia flower is one of the major attractions of the park. Visitors can enjoy nature-based activities organized by various agencies.

Covering an area of 117,500 hectare of thick forest stretching into Thailand – Malaysia border that this million years of forest treasure is well preserved to ensure its naturalness. This main water retention area in Peninsular Malaysia gain its name “Hutan Belum” from the sound Spectacular!! Among the most panoramic treasure found in Hutan Belum. This waterfall is Kampong atmosphere is the concept of the resthouses. The camp offers basic facilities such as bathrooms, kitchen, dining hall and BBQ equipment. There are 2 units of Kampong houses, 4 units of huts and 1 dormitory unit that can accommodate 20 pax. Electricity and water supply are available.

A model of orang asli Jahai village was built at the junction entering Sungai Tiang. The purpose of this village is more towards educating cultural performances and the way of life of the orang asli. A few varieties of orang asli’s houses were together with replicas of orang asli’s activities like blowpiping and fixing of animal’s traps. You will feel as though you are in a genuine orang asli village.

Photo credit : Tourism Perak

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